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TechReady – Vista sp1 Testing

The geeks in Microsoft have taken over down town Seattle for the week as we all get our six monthly fix of the latest stuff that’s coming out.  This is one of the ways that Microsoft has to keep it’s technical people happy and it certainly works for me.  We get to meet the product teams and network with all the different sorts of communities we have , such as Eileen’s women in IT, the bloggers, SQL experts etc. 

There also lots of social events and on Tuesday night all the evangelists took over a game-works an amusement arcade, which I have to say I found great fun but not as engaging as PC Gaming.  So my favourite evening of the week is when the entire Hands-on-Labs area (some 1500 PCs in one football field size room) is setup for a bit of a LAN Party.

Obviously what we actually do in Redmond stays in Redmond, but what’s this all got to do with Vista sp1?

The whole party and all of the Hands on Labs is run on PCs with sp1 installed on without incident. 

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