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7th Day of Christmas Tagging

Properly indexing databases is generally seen as a good thing, and is one of the top causes of poor performance.  However when we get home from a hard days SQL we seem to forget all of this and our home lives are less well organised, especially our photographs. In my latest Christmas video, my wife… Read more

6th Day of Christmas – Armchair Astronomy

I still love to watch the Royal Institute Lectures at Christmas, and I am please to see Microsoft supporting them this year.  In this spirit I wanted to show the Microsoft World Wide Telescope so if you haven’t tried it yet hopefully this will convince you… Technorati Tags: astronomy,telescope On a serious note,  this is… Read more

5th Day of Christmas – Deep Zoom

Deep Zoom actually does what it says on the tin.  However while many people have seen demos of it I am not sure many have actually tried it or know how it works and that it’s free. To rectify that Viral Tarpara (he’s the good looking one in the shot below) explains all in this… Read more

4th Day of Christmas

I love PC Gaming, so I haven’t got an XBox 360 yet.  However there’s no denying its popularity and unlike other games consoles Microsoft have released a simple toolkit , the XNA Game Studio to enable anyone to write a game for the XBox/PC/Zune. In today’s video Kevin Pfister takes us through this free toolset….. Read more

2nd Day of Christmas – Brighton 360

Although Photosynth has been widely publicised in the general and IT press I still come across load of people who don’t know what it is.  In this short video James O’Neill in fine Blue Peter tradition shows a synth (the buzz word for what you make in Photosynth)  he made earlier of Brighton Pavilion.. Hopefully… Read more

SQL Server Advent Calendar 23 – Filestream

Day 23 of my virtual advent calendar, about stuff I like in SQL Server 2008.. Filestream isn’t one of the new data types in SQL Server 2008 it a variant of varbinary(MAX), and it is Microsoft’s solution to the problem of storing large unstructured data as part of a database.  In SQL Server 2005/8  varbinary(max)… Read more

SQL Server Advent Calendar 22 – Spatial Data

Day 22 of my virtual advent calendar, about stuff I like in SQL Server 2008.. SQL Server 2008 now has data types to store points lines and polygons in 2 spatial data type, Geometry and Geography. I have already posted quite extensively on spatial data, but it is is one of my favourite new things… Read more