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SQL Server 2008 for Developers

There seems to be this divide between developers and DBAs.  Developers need to create databases and objects within them and of course DBAs want everything nice and tidy.

SQL Server 2008 has quite a few new features fir developers including:

  • ADO.NET entity framework to provide a semantic layer between the code and the physical database.
  • LINQ support to enable native query support from VB and C#.

There’s a new white paper on this here.

Personally being a bit more of a DBA than a developer, I am much more of a fan of the Declarative Management Framework(DMF), which allows you to set policies to make the database more secure.  However it also allows you to mandate all sorts of standards such as naming conventions for objects e.g. all tables must start with "tbl_".  This can either be done as a rule or as a policy which can be run to check that at server database etc. is in compliance.  It’s not world domination but at least DBA’s get a bit of control on the databases they have to look after.