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Spam for Evangelists

Good to see some slightly different spam in the inbox. This is obviously aimed at evangelists, but may be not those at Microsoft:


Dear in Christ,

Calvary greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am Deacon George Useh, a member of Day Spring Ministry, basically a Prayer and deliverance Ministry.During a Prayer and fasting session in my Ministry, I asked our Lord Jesus Christ to give me the opportunity to redeem my life and purify what remains of my wealth, God delivery revealed to me to Invest in His Kingdom through you and your Ministry.

As the bible says\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Go to the world,preach the gospel,spread his words,heal the sick…………\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"

I got your email when i was lead by the spirit to be in search of the man of god on Christan search on the Internet.Like i have told you earlier in my last email that the lord minister to me to give to charity.

I am not interested in the Earthly commissions as my rewards is from the Heaven above.I and my institution are blessed to help the needy and not after the rewards of the world as the bible says if not the lord that buideth the house the laborer labour but in vain………..

I will like to donate to you/ministry and i will like to donate through a money order of 6,500 dollars for him to cash.Better still,i have some other charities which i wants to donate funds to and i will wants oncashing the cheque to help me donate some part of the money to the other charities or needies as well.

I am giving you 2,000 dollars out of the money and i wants you on cashing the cheque to help me donate the remaining 4,500 dollars to some other charities or needies whose in formations i will give you when the cheque is cashed in the cash stores.I will want you to furnish me with the following in formations below:

(1)Name which you wants the check to be addressed (2)Address where you wants me to send the cheque to(NOT P.O BOXES) (3)Your Mobile telephone number for prompt communication.

As soon as i received this informations,i will go ahead to send you the check.After the successful completion of this first phase of the lords works with you then i can go ahead to send you another cheque and hence the continuous works of the lord.

I Am Yours In Christ,

Deacon George Useh

Hopefully he won’t get any takers, but I am guessing that this sort of stuff persists because someone has fallen for it.

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