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TechNet Road Shows – So long and thanks for all the questions

I am still on the road with our TechNet road shows and being the newish guy I get to open the show with Performance Point (9:45 -11:00)  and then conclude with SQL Server 2008(6:30 – 21:20). I was impressed that in Manchester about two thirds of the evening crowd had also been at the Performance Point morning session so thanks for staying.

Many of you wanted to see my slide decks and these are available here. However my decks are designed to highlight points and I also did a fair amount of demos so I am not sure how useful they are.  I am hoping that I can record my next performance in Newcastle and post this to TechNet Edge which I hope you will find more useful.

Thanks again for all of you who have come along and for those that didn’t we will be back next year

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