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SQL Server 2008 reporting takes off!

CTP5 has only been out for a week and so I was amazed that I got a comment on my blog from a specialist data and planning company operating in the aviation industry in the US. 

The company, US Aviation Data and Planning Corp  (USADAP) are migrating their reports to SQL Server 2008 as I write this. They’re already using Silverlight to surface that data to end users.  The company maybe fairly new and small but they have serious amounts of data on tap so for example you can find out any detailed stats about  carriers , passenger numbers and fares on any routes in the US to enable market analysts to monitor trends and predict demand.

To quote John their lead developer –

"We have found the Nov CTP to be a vast improvement over the existing 2005 RS product and we have also found it to be stable in our test environment with all of our reports. As the features in the Nov CTP RS would vastly increase our products value we would like to Go Live with the current Nov CTP RS and SQL 2005 back-end configuration"

So much for waiting for service pack 1 after the product comes out!