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Evaluating SQL Server 2008 Betas

SQL Server 2005 was a revolution from the previous version, and while SQL Server 2008 is more of an evolution it has loads of new stuff in it.

Many of the new features such as resource governor and spatial data are generating interest for IT Professionals and there have already been several million downloads of the various CTPs of SQL Server.   However some of the stuff (like spatial )can be a bit daunting and you’re often so busy the download never gets properly used.

So how about some free help to get you started and support you as you start to plan how to use it and develop a proof of concept or pilot?

The answer to this is called the Momentum Program.  It’s designed for IT Professionals who are working in an organisation which currently doesn’t have a strong relationship with Microsoft.  It is by invitation only and this process starts by following this link.

As you can see the program also applies to most of the other Microsoft platform betas, and you can register for more than one. For example if you want to try SQL Server 2008 in a windows server 2008 virtual environment.

So if you are serious about looking at SQL Server 2008 for whatever reason, please read the link and contact me  

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