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IT Pro Momentum

IT Pro Momentum 

1.       Are you an IT Professional trying to get the latest Microsoft technologies to work in your organisation?

2.       Are you working in a small organisation that has no direct relationship with Microsoft?

Then we have the answer for you with our Momentum program.  Simply put we give you a TechNet subscription and PSS support in return for sharing how your project or evaluation is progressing via a web portal, with the product teams.  We would then want to blog, or podcast about you experiences, from a technical rather than a marketing perspective.

As your use of the technology evolves, Microsoft will support you with appropriate help and advice:


Microsoft Support


 Technical Content & Managed Forums


 TechNet+ Direct Subscription

Pilot & Deploy

 Premier Support Services (PSS) Requests

The Microsoft technologies that apply to the Momentum program are as follows:



IT Pro Evangelist Contact

Server OS

 Windows Server2008: Active Directory

Windows Server2008:Virtualization

Windows Server2008: Networking

James O’Neil


SQL Server 2008

Andrew Fryer


ForeFront: Client

ForeFront: Server

ForeFront: Edge

Windows Server 2008: NAP

Winodws Vista: Secure Deployment

Stephen Lamb


Windows Server 2008: IIS7

James O’Neil


Sharepoint Server 2007

Viral Tarpara


Windows Server 2008: Powershell

James O’Neil


System Center:  Essentials

System Center:  Configuration Manager

System Center:  Operations Manager

Stephen Lamb

Specialized Server

Windows Compute Cluster 2003

James O’Neil

To find out more contact the relevant IT Pro Evangelist so we can help you get the most out of latest Microsoft releases.