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The North South Divide

I was made in Scotland, my grandmother is from Newcastle and I only live in the south because my wife hates the cold!  If I did live up north, I am sure I would be complaining, like many people there, that everything happens in London, such as the Olympics and the best shows including of course our TechNet road shows. 

Back in September we did head north for our TechNet road shows and Steve & James got a storming reception, so we thought we’d come back for the next tour like you asked us to.  However the take-up looks a bit weak, but only outside London where we are packed out. So what’s going on?

Like the last road shows we promise not to bore you with endless PowerPoint decks and Marketing speak so get registering here. Failing that please comment on on what you would like to see at a TechNet event in the North.

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