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The IT industry is awash with acronyms, Microsoft is drowning in them and I think we will soon need to move to FLA (Five Letter Acronyms) to keep up – I thought MSRC was the Microsoft Research Centre but Steve insists its’ the Microsoft Response Center, and we’re both right!imageclip_image001



However we are not alone the regulatory and compliance space is also liberally sprinkled with terms like SOX, GLBA, HIPAA, DPA, EUPD as well as a list of international and European standards as long as your arm. 

The other thing I have noticed about compliance is that everyone is an expert especially when it comes to the data protection act!  Like the Highway Code everyone seems to know it but have you met anyone who has actually read it recently.  So if you are wondering how to get compliant and do battle with all those abbreviations and the parts of your organisation who delight in this stuff then check out the TechNet Regulatory Planning Guide.  

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