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SQL Server 2008 Launch & Ship

The most often question I get asked about SQL Server 2008 is when is it out?  If you are in marketing then there is a world wide launch event in Feb 2008 for Windows server 2008, Visual Studio 2008  and SQL Server 2008. Well that’s a bit like the launch of the Mini Clubman on 10 Nov –  just because it’s launched doesn’t mean you can get one immediately.  In fact I will be waiting until the SQL Server 2008 launch in February for my Clubman to arrive,

mini warthog   Microsoft and the rest of the software industry is the same i.e. launch doesn’t mean ship. So you won’t be able to pitch up to the 2008 launch event and walk away with SQL server 2008; it won’t be out until later in the year (that’s a Microsoft year which runs July to June).   

So we’re going to have to wait a little longer, but that allows time to evaluate the new release through the beta program, white papers and other technical content on the various sites such as:

Alternatively why not register for an evening of my SQL server 2008 stuff at the TechNet road shows here

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