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What we did in skool today


Have you ever tried to explain to your mum what you did at work today?  For me I had no problem today – all my new friends had a lunchtime party and we all got to make things with Lego.  Our teacher Ginger gave us some instructions and James and I got to make an oil rig which rolls out oil drums if you lift the crane.  Some of my other chums made a house, trees, a dam and all sorts of stuff and of course this is where the fun started as there were lots of random piles of Lego around the room which meant there was lots of frantic searching for the right bits.

As I keep saying only at Microsoft!  There was a very good reason for our fun and that is that we are sponsoring the UK bit of First Lego League.  The competition this year is all around energy and is played out around what we made at lunchtime

So if you have got kids get involved and have some serious fun.

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