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SQL Server 2008- Backup Compression

SQL Server 2008 will have the ability to compress a database, but that functionality is not in the latest beta release (CTP5).  However CTP5 does have the ability to compress backups by simply extending the existing backup command: backup database adventureworks to disk=’C:\abc\adventureworks_compress.bak’     with compression What’s interesting about this is that it doesn’t just… Read more

Evaluating SQL Server 2008 Betas

SQL Server 2005 was a revolution from the previous version, and while SQL Server 2008 is more of an evolution it has loads of new stuff in it. Many of the new features such as resource governor and spatial data are generating interest for IT Professionals and there have already been several million downloads of… Read more

SQL Server 2008 Spatial Data Types

Continuing my series of notes following the TechNet event last Thursday evening,  I wanted to explain that in SQL Server 2008 there are two new data types for storing spatial information; geometry and geography.  Unfortunately on Thursday I didn’t have the final release of CTP5 so my demo didn’t have the geography data type and… Read more

SQL Server 2008 Resource Governor

The feature of SQL Server 2008 that seems to get  the most attention from DBA’s is the Resource Governor.  It basically does what it says on the tin; for example you may want to reserve a portion of CPU or other resource for a user, process etc. At the top level Resource Governor has Resource… Read more

Depend on Dependencies in SQL Server 2008

I picked up a number a couple of questions from Thursday night’s TechNet Road show in London including a couple on dependencies in SQL Server 2008.  So here’s the answers… Firstly there are two sorts of dependencies: Schema Bound, where the object A cannot be deleted because object B depends on it. Non-Schema Bound, where… Read more

Time for a look at SQL Server 2008 CTP5

Like Salvador Dali I have hung up my watch. I am in Barcelona to enjoy a bit of culture now TechEd is over.  However I did notice that the next beta of SQL Server 2008 (CTP5) which has about 75% of the functionality of the final release and is now available on the connect site… Read more

SQL Server 2000 security

It seems every week we are bombarded with tons of surveys, that scare us into eating more of this and generally less of everything.  Surveys on database health and security are much rarer, but  I did notice that David Lichfield is about to publish that latest edition of The Database Exposure Survey 2007. I would… Read more

SQL Server – Monitoring Reports take 2

Blogging is pretty new for me and it’s difficult to know how interesting or valuable my stuff is. So I am pleased that my thoughts on providing a way to get the standard SQL server reports to run across multiple servers have generated some interest.  I would agree that what I wrote was a lash… Read more

What’s on the telly? – Microsoft TV

Along time ago the BBC had just the one TV channel it’s shot up to four now we are digital.  Microsoft are in on the act.  Originally there was only Channel 9 which is named after the radio channel you can listen to pilots on in commercial aircraft however it’s really aimed at developers, developers,… Read more