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Left Field

If you are left handed like me you notice how much of our language is right minded or right thinking.  The same thing happens all over Europe; it is good to be adroit from the french (droit) for right and sinister is from the Italian (sinestre) for left. 

At this point any leftie reels out all the cool people from Leonardo to Einstein and Hendrix  who were also left handed (& my boss Eileen).

You also get gadgets for left handed people from scissors to guitars and golf clubs, but these aren’t always high quality so Hendrix simply bought a right handed stratocaster and played it left handed.

However this clock has to be one of the strangest ideas  and this is hanging up in our office in Prague.I couldn’t find a vista gadget like this so maybe some left handed developer could help me out.

Try it yourself – simply smash up your right hand like Steve and see how much fun it is to be left handed!

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