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Performance Point Server 2007 Performance

If you call your flagship business intelligence product Performance Point then it might be a good idea to make sure it performs! 

Because the product is essentially a suite of front end applications (which is why it’s under the office umbrella) it is only going to be as good as what’s behind it.  At the back-end there is SQL Server, including analysis services, reporting services as well as the database engine which holds all of the dashboards via Sharepoint.  There is plenty of information on how these perform by themselves such as the Project Real stuff, but how does all of that work in practice and what if some of you fancy virtualising some of this?

Well I found this white paper hidden away in TechNet on how Performance Point performs.  It part of a whole TechCenter devoted to the Performance Point which covers off how to use the tool from both an end-user and an IT Pro perspective.

I would also recommend the IT showcase on Performance Point, which is where we share our experiences of using it internally.   

If, like me,  you didn’t make the launch and you want to see it in action then come to one of these sessions at our next round of TechNet road shows: