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Performance Point 2007 and ProClarity Licensing

Digit AlAs many of you know Whitehaven has gone digital today amongst quite a lot of confusion.  I must admit I am struggling to to see the point of staying analog and quite what the fuss is about given that a freeview box costs as little as £20.

The story around Performance Point and ProClarity still seems to be causing similar confusion.


As I have mentioned before Microsoft Performance Point 2007 is a combination of Three Things

  • Monitoring
  • Analysis
  • Planning

ProClarity is the analysis part of Performance Point.  The confusion is around migration and upgrades. Essentially if you have the existing ProClarity Analytics Server and maintenance or software assurance you get an equivalent license of Performance Point. 

If you aren’t ready for Performance Point you can still continue to buy more ProClarity licenses. There is no immediate pressure to upgrade as the ProClarity will be supported for another ten years.

So a bit different from the digital switchover, and the monitoring and planning stuff you get with Performance Point are a lot more useful than the shopping channels on freeview.

Full details and FAQ’s are on the performance point site. Failing that contact me and I will try my best to answer your questions.