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Guitar Heroes

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I have noticed that there are a lot of IT People are guitarists out there.  It might even be a British standard as this shot was taken at a user group conference run by Entropy, a part of the British Standards Institute. Entropy is a suite of software built around health and safety compliance, risk management, environmental protection etc. and these guys are two of the developers.  One of the management team had a hit with Neanderthal Man with the Hotlegs (forerunners of 10cc).

They are not alone.  My mate Michael embarrassed me a couple of years ago in Selfridges by picking up a guitar I was looking to buy and laying into an impromptu “I saw her standing there”.  The staff and customers were clapping and cheering which was a lot different than the thanks he got from all the support calls he used to resolve. 

So if you want to make a name as an IT Pro maybe it’s time to work on those riffs.

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