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Forward the SQL Brigade

Into the Valley of Thames rode the three sixty

sql bits 07 013  I get to see all the statistics on how popular SQL Server is but the SQL Bits event on Saturday bought it home to me.

Over 360 intrepid developers and IT Professionals had given up their Saturday to get the inside track on how to work with SQL Server from the SQL community leaders. One guy in my session had come up from Cornwall the night before and I’m sure there were others who could beat this. 

Many people had to stand at some of the sessions which made all the effort put in by the MVP’s worth while,  especially as some of them seemed to be distracted by some rugby match during the afternoon.

For those that missed this do watch out for future events on the SQL community site as its real world stuff you won’t find anywhere else.  For those that were there thanks again to Tony Rogerson, Martin Bell, Chris Webb and Simon Sabin for organising it and to all the speakers and sponsors.

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