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COBOL the Original BI?

My dad, Gordon, was in BI before me, it had a different name but it was definitely BI.  I remember him telling  me that in 1964  he had this English Electric mainframe with 2k RAM that took up the whole building and it didn’t have a divide function.  He was working on statistics for the… Read more

End of the Road for SQL Server 2000

Microsoft will be turning off mainstream support for SQL server 2000 for most editions of the product in April 2008: Products Released General Availability Date Mainstream Support Retired Extended Support Retired SQL Server 2000 64-bit Edition 30/11/2000 08/04/2008 09/04/2013 SQL Server 2000 Developer Edition 30/11/2000 08/04/2008 09/04/2013 SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition 30/11/2000 08/04/2008 09/04/2013… Read more

SQL Server 2008 sickness

Only in Microsoft could you get a job in evangelism without being religious.  So I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that there are Microsoft clinics without doctors.  Clinics do provide help and I found one called what’s new in SQL server 2008.  It’ll take a couple of hours to get the cure, but there isn’t… Read more

Left Field

If you are left handed like me you notice how much of our language is right minded or right thinking.  The same thing happens all over Europe; it is good to be adroit from the french (droit) for right and sinister is from the Italian (sinestre) for left.  At this point any leftie reels out… Read more

SQL Server 2008 Webcasts

If you want to get an insight of what’s hot on the next version of Reporting Services, you can’t really do better than get it straight from one of the product managers.  So checkout Jason Carlson the Principal Product Manager for reporting services who is presenting  a webcast on 1 November.  Of course if reporting… Read more

You Know when you’ve been Tanjayed

Eileen has kitted us out with the new Tanjay IP phones and I have just made room on my desk at home for it!  Annoyingly I had signed up for BT’s home hub before joining Microsoft doh! The good stuff is that we can see who’s out there either on the display..   or from… Read more

Performance Point Server 2007 Performance

If you call your flagship business intelligence product Performance Point then it might be a good idea to make sure it performs!  Because the product is essentially a suite of front end applications (which is why it’s under the office umbrella) it is only going to be as good as what’s behind it.  At the… Read more

Beer Locker

If you want to protect your data then the  Bit Locker technology in Vista is a good way to go, and I would also recommend Vista backup as it’s so simple to use . Of course if you’re in New Zealand and someone has broken into your office and swiped your laptop with your kiwi… Read more

Education Education Education

  In order to keep the spiraling costs of the education system to a minimum, parents seem to end up with more and more of the bill, and students also get hammered with massive loans.  So how about a cheap copy of MS Office ultimate 2007 for £38.95  without any dodgy dealing on an auction… Read more

Performance Point 2007 and ProClarity Licensing

As many of you know Whitehaven has gone digital today amongst quite a lot of confusion.  I must admit I am struggling to to see the point of staying analog and quite what the fuss is about given that a freeview box costs as little as £20. The story around Performance Point and ProClarity still… Read more