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New Kid on the Blog

viral1 Viral Tarpara our latest IT Pro Evangelist and ranking new guy has now blogged his way onto Technet.  His chosen specialist subject is the many Office components such as Sharepoint, Groove etc. For some bizarre reason Viral has left warm and sunny LA for Cool Britannia and as he was telling us at our last monthly meeting, he has his blog going , but little else: no home, no money and no car!  So please lend your support by linking to his blog.  But not if you’re the guys who keep posting track backs about dodgy car deals in California as we’re both in London, England 6,000+ miles east of the sunshine state! 

Is there actually anybody out there with enough money to buy a new car and is daft enough to search for business intelligence or Microsoft when what they meant to type was Nissan, Mazda or Toyota?  I won’t dignify the culprits by naming them, but maybe they need to read a few posts on business intelligence and how organisations  like theirs identify potential customers with appropriate permission based marketing.  On the other hand maybe our team could all do car reviews to get our hits up:

  • James will tell you where every part was made and by whom, 
  • Eileen could review the navigation and messaging subsystems,
  • Steven would tell how how to make them more secure with Kerberos
  • I would be on hand to talk about performance management and the indicators
  • Viral tell you how to share music using iPod integration or Bluetooth, and be confused by our cars 
  • – ‘that’s not a real Chevrolet’ , ‘isn’t that an Acura’  and ‘what’s with the Vauxhall badge on that GM compact?’