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SQL Server 2008 CTP4

Just in case you don’t get the technet flash from Georgina, SQL server 2008 CTP4 is out there for you to enjoy.  Community Technology Previews (CTP) for SQL server 2008 are different from the previews released for 2005 in that if a feature is in  a 2008 CTP it is well formed and tested, but not necessarily optimised for performance.  As you can see from the download site each CTP will expose more features that will be in the final release in four broad themes:

  • Prevasive Insight:  Business Intelligence for everyone
  • Dynamic development:  Revving up T-SQL and the CLR
  • Enterprise Data Platform:  Scalability and Reliability
  • Beyond relational: New data types such as spacial, separate datatypes for date and time (at last!) and of course more xml capabilities.


So you do need to refresh the CTP you have, keep watching the site, and the various SQL server blogs like mine.  For those of you in London there is a good briefing session on SQL Server 2008 on 26th Sep at IMG’s offices in Holborn. To sign up go to the events on the UK SQL server community group at