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Vista and NVIDIA SLI

When not in business intelligence mode, I am a PC gamer and being an old PC Gamer  I never got the console thing.  Like many of you I was hesitant about upgrading to Vista as my black box has been continually modded over the last 3 years to keep up with the latest games.  On the upside there are a few Vista only (direct x10) games appearing and I also wanted to see if Vista 64-bit would work with my dual core AMD Opteron CPU.

I am rarely impressed but everything just worked. Then I realised that only one of the graphics cards showed up, and I have two running in parallel, what NVIDIA call SLI.  I wondered if  NVIDA had fixed the SLI/Vista issue and sure enough a quick download from their site ( and problem sorted. So I have 5.0 on the Vista performance scale which is at the high end of the master chief’s recommendations for Halo 2 .  

Of course Halo 3 is coming out in September, so perhaps I will need that Xbox console thing, or as I explained to my wife  “a fully featured DVD player with time-slip recording, and it comes in black to go with the TV”.  


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