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On the Seventh Day of Christmas an IT Pro sent to me…

Seven SANs a Spinning If you have your SQL Server databases on a SAN, then please admire my cartoon and move along. However if you don’t you might wish to know that mirroring in SQL Server 2008 is a little bit less painless than in 2005.  The traffic is compressed, so it will take up… Read more

On the Fourth Day Of Christmas an IT Pro sent to me…

Four Jolly Nerds (Nerd no. 4 is drawing the cartoon) PowerShell is going to change the way servers are managed when it ships with Windows Serve 2008.  There is already a thriving PowerShell user group in the UK who are itching to play with PowerShell when this is is available in SQL Server 2008 CTP6. … Read more

On the Third Day of Christmas an IT Pro sent to me…

Three Benchmarks Database performance is much a bit like a major sport, there’s a governing body, the Transaction Processing and Performance Council (confusingly abbreviated to TPC) and they set the competition rules and judge the results.  Unlike most sports there’s no season and entrants can compete at any time, using the latest combination of hardware… Read more

On the Second Day of Christmas an IT Pro sent to me…

Two (Deep) Purple WAVs Top tip for aspiring guitarists and other musicians, rip the CD that came with that book you got for Christmas onto your PC as it’s easier to rewind, stop, pause the tracks from media player than from a CD player. When you get bored with the book check out the vast… Read more

On the First Day of Christmas an IT Pro sent to me…

A cartridge for an Ink-Jet Not many people know this but the ink in proprietary inkjet cartridges can be some of the most expensive fluid in the world.  Other contenders include snake venom and of course various forms forms of alcohol.  Maybe that’s why they package it so well. The reason the stuff is so… Read more

SQL Server 2008 Encryption Keys

Encryption, Keys and certificates etc. are complicated  and confusing judging by the number of support calls coming in from DBA’s. As I said in my last post, Transparent Data Encryption is there to stop someone walling off with your data.  A database can be encrypted using a key which is stored in a certificate, again… Read more

SQL Server 2008 Transparent Data Encryption and Replication

SQL Server 2008 will have a mechanism to encrypt the database at rest, with little overhead, and you can try this in CTP5.  While it is on the instance where it was encrypted it can be accessed by any application with out modification.  However if it is detached/attached or restored to another instance then the… Read more

SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services cascading prompts.

Here’s’ a practical example of how Reporting Services (SSRS) in SQL Server 2008 has been modified.  Cascading prompts in SSRS 2005 re-query if the middle of the three parameters changes.  In case you aren’t familiar with the term this is where you select a country in a drop-down box and this in turn determines which… Read more