Skype Room System dropping from meeting with in 1-2 seconds.

Recently worked on multiple occurrence of an issue with SRS V2. Where SRS joins a meeting for few seconds usually 1-2 seconds and then abruptly disconnects. Generally it keeps on happening until device is rebooted but this is not seen to be done in all instances. Some times meeting join works with a reattempt. If…


LPE Devices signing out and getting stuck on sign in

If you are seeing a sporadic issue with Polycom LPE ( Lync Phone Edition ) Devices. Where user signs out abruptly and getting stuck on sign in. And could not sign in back unless phone reset is done. In that case when issue happens try to look at the logs what is the response phone…


Push notifications attempts even though disabled in PushNotificationConfiguration

Looks like in CU4 of SFB 2015 new settings are introduced with platform wide scope. You can see these through command. Get-CsPlatformServiceSettings It also has a parameter for Push notifications.   If you are observing that client is registering to Push notification services even though you have disabled Push notifications in PushNotificationConfiguration.     On…


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