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Hello Everyone,

This blog is not being updated anymore as I have moved to another team (Exchange Product Quality) and job (Program Manager for Exchange CAS) at Microsoft. As you can guess from words in paranthesis, I still work for Exchange but my concentration is not on Entourage or Outlook for Mac, rather on Exchange Client Access Server.


Now, if you have Questions & want Answers from Entourage Experts, go to Entourage Forum.


If you want to learn more about:


1. 'Entourage for Mac', head over to: Entourage Help Page - excellent website maintained by MVPs, highly recommended!


2. 'Entourage News & Issues', check out: Entourage Help Blog - the blog from Entourage MVPs, regularly updated, valuable resource!


3. 'Office for Mac', try: Mac Mojo: Office for Mac Team Blog - name says it all, source of news & technical info as well!


4. 'All Things Exchange', you should run to: EHLO - Exchange Team Blog - excellent blog with a wealth of info, one of the first & best in 'blog industry'!


All The Best,

- Amir


Comments (3)

  1. Enrique García says:

    As a Gold Certified Partner, MBS Partner AND Mac Office user.

    Thanks for having shared info with us.


  2. HELEN says:

    We loved this blog and will definitely subscribe to your other one to continue to learn about  Exchange Client Access Server

  3. Giorgio says:


    Please … my technicians upgraded our system to exchange server 2007 – and windows server 2008.

    I’m the only Mac User of the network and Entourage (that previosly worked wery well) ins’t able to connect to the exchange server (while I can see the network, folders etc.).

    I think something is missing in the Exchange installation or configuration, I’ve downloaded web services edition of entourage and using it on a 10.5 osx…. but still it doesn’t connect.

    Could be something in the IIS configuration that is missing?

    Thanks very much for any help


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