Visual Studio 2017 Install Screenshots

Welcome to Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2017 RTM release. Microsoft has released Visual Studio 2017 and below are the install screenshots along with what to expect from GUI. Step 1. Download Visual Studio 2017 from (Fig. 1) and run the installer (Fig. 2). You will need to sign into the site to have access to the download….


Insides to the Evolve 2016 Xamarin Conference

Question:  What is the Evolve Xamarin Conference? Answer:  Xamarin Evolve conference is the largest cross-platform mobile event in the world, where over 1,500 developers, industry leaders, and Xamarin experts converge to advance the state of the art, discuss mobile strategy, and define the future of apps.  Most recently is the 2016 conference in Orlando, FL….


Want to Estimate your Azure VM Cost from VMware or Hyper-V

Question:  How do I estimate a VM Azure cost for a VMware of Hyper-V workload? Answer:  Use a free tool called Azure Cost Estimator from the link below that will analyze a Hyper-V, VMware, specific machine or IP subnet for machines and report back the size VM you need to run in Azure to achieve similar…


Xamarin Sample Source Code – Xamarin Evolve 2016 App

Question:  Where can I get Code samples for a great Xamarin app? Answer:  Take a look and Download the Xamarin Evolve 2016 Conference App Source Code in the link below for such a Code sample. Features: Built entirely with Xamarin.Forms, the Xamarin Evolve 2016 app leverages over 93% shared code across iOS, Android, and Windows…


Older Windows Server Support on Azure

Question:  Are older Windows Server (i.e. pre Windows Server 2008 R1) available on Azure? Answer:  Windows Server 2003 and later versions are supported for deployment in Microsoft Azure. For versions that are earlier than Windows Server 2008 R2, there is no Azure Marketplace support, and customers must provide their own images. The ability to deploy…


What is the latest Build number for Windows 10?

Question:  What is the latest Build number for Windows 10 released publicly (General Availability – GA)? Answer:  Look at this link on right for latest Windows 10 releases. Link:


How do I learn Xamarin?

Question:  How do I learn Xamarin? Answer: Take a look at the below link for Introductory tutorial on Xamarin.  Let me know if there are other good resources. Link:  


How to Debug Android Apps on Windows

Question: How do I debug Android Apps in Windows? Answer: Take a look at link below for video on how to debug Android Apps with Visual Studio. Link:


How to get your Kids interested in Coding and 3D Printing

Question:  How do I get my kids interested in Technology and Coding? Answer:  Kids love to learn when they want to learn.  I have found that when kids satisfy their want versus need with Coding along characters like Steve from Minecraft, keeps them not just interested but retaining what they learn more.  From personal experience I continuously get my kids interested…