System Center Operations Manager Technology Update June 2018

Lynne Taggart here with another Operations Manager update. I haven’t had the time to catch up on blogging in the last few months with everything on my plate, but here we go.

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Latest Releases

  • Issues that are fixed and improvements that are included
  • SCOM console and Service Manager console for PowerShell modules can now coexist on the same server.
    Note Both SCOM Update Rollup 5 (this update) and Service Manager Update Rollup 5 (update KB 4093685) must be installed to resolve this issue.
  • Active Directory Integration rules are not visible or editable in an upgraded 2016 Management Group. This prevents the ongoing management of Active Directory integration assignment in the upgraded Management Group.
  • When the UNIX host name on the server is in lowercase, the OS and MonitoredBy information is displayed incorrectly in the Unix/Linux Computers view.
  • Active Directory integrated agents do not display correct failover server information.
  • Performance views in the web console do not persist the selection of counters after web console restart or refresh.
  • The PowerShell cmdlet Get-SCXAgent fails with error “This cmdlet requires PowerShell version 3.0 or greater.”
  • During the upgrade from SCOM 2016 to SCOM 1801, if the reporting server is installed on a server other than the management server, the upgrade fails. Additionally, you receive the error message, "The management server to which this component reports has not been upgraded."
  • If a group name has been changed through the operations console, the Get-SCOMGroup cmdlet does not retrieve the group data that includes the changed group name.
  • Error HTTP 500 occurs when you access Diagram view through the web console.
  • When you download a Linux management pack after you upgrade to SCOM 2016, the error "OpsMgr Management Configuration Service failed to process configuration request (Xml configuration file or management pack request)" occurs.
  • The SQLCommand Timeout property is exposed so that it can be dynamically adjusted by users to manage random and expected influx of data scenarios.

  • The MonitoringHost process crashes and returns the exception "System.OverflowException: Value was either too large or too small for an Int32."

  • When company knowledge is edited by using the Japanese version of Microsoft Office through the SCOM console, the error (translated in English) "Failed to launch Microsoft Word. Please make sure Microsoft Word is installed. Here is the error message: Item with specified name does not exist" occurs.
  • Accessing Silverlight dashboards displays the "Web Console Configuration Required" message because of a certificate issue.
  • Microsoft.SystemCenter.ManagementPack.Recommendations causes errors to be logged on instances of Microsoft SQL Server that have case-sensitive collations.
  • Deep monitoring displays error “Discovery_Not_Found” if the installation of JBoss application server is customized.
  • Adds support for the Lancer driver on IBM Power 8 Servers that use AIX.
  • The ComputerOptInCompatibleMonitor monitor is disabled in the Microsoft.SystemCenter.Advisor.Internal management pack. This monitor is no longer valid.
  • UR5 for SCOM 2016 – Step by Step – Kevin Holman

  • Latest KB Articles

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    System Center Operations Manager Team (

    Keven Holman ( or

    Kevin Justin (

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    Management Packs

    • Version:
    • Released: 5/11/2018
  • System Center Management Pack for Active Directory Federation Services 2012 R2
    • Version: 7.1.10100.1
    • Released: 5/10/2018
  • Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics Management Pack
    • Version:
    • Released: 5/14/2018
  • SCOM Management Properties and Tasks Pack for Agents and Server Roles
    • Kevin Holman (Microsoft)
    • Version:
    • Released: 5/6/2018
  • Security Monitoring Management Pack for SCOM
    • Nathan Gau (Microsoft)
    • Version:
    • Released: 5/4/2018
  • System Center Management Pack for Microsoft Azure Stack
    • Version:
    • Released: 5/15/2018
  • System Center Management Pack for UNIX and Linux Operating Systems
    • Version: 7.6.1085.0
      • Released: 5/24/2018

        Silect (

        SquaredUp (

        Savision (

        TechNet Gallery

        • Kevin Holman (Microsoft)
        • SCOM Management Properties and Tasks Pack for Agents and Server Roles - This is a little example MP for some things that are possible with SCOM.  It also serves as a good example MP on how to write classes, discoveries, and most importantly many task examples for command line, VBscript, and PowerShell.I didn’t write all these – a bunch of ideas came.
        • Script to automate TLS 1.2 support in SCOM 2012R and SCOM 2016 - This is a script that will assist in the automation of configuring TLS 1.2 support for SCOM 2012R2 and SCOM2016It will:1. Ensure the environment is supported for TLS 1.22. Ensure the SCOM Roles are patched with the correct UR level3. Ensure that SQL is a supported version for TLS
      • Nathan Gau
      • Tyson Paul
      • Jason Daggett
      • Community
        • UNIX/Linux Docker Monitoring - This management pack allows you to monitor on-premise  Docker containers hosted on UNIX/Linux computers. It has basic functionality: Daemon state monitoring Container state monitoring Collects container CPU usage Collects container memory usage For monitoring your Docker in
        • Alert Rule Mp Fragment for Disk - Alert Rule SCOM Mp Fragment for Disk. Modified and tested in SCOM 2012 SP1 and R2. If you want fragment for CPU then you can download it from below link
        • PowerShell Script to get current overview of all downloadable Management Packs - This PowerShell lists all available SCOM Management Packs you can find on the Microsoft Download website. It creates a table with all downloads. There are some configuration parameters you can use to change the sort order in the output.
        • Alert Rule Mp Fragment for CPU - Alert Rule SCOM Mp Fragment for Disk. Modified and tested in SCOM 2012 SP1 and R2.
        • SCOM TLS 1.2 Validation MP to validate if Windows Agents have TLS 1.2 Enabled - All,One of my Customer requested he get a MP, Once imported will display his Agents where TLS 1.2 Is enabled and SSL 2.0, 3.0, TLS 1.0, 1.1 is disabled.Since the TLS 1.2 is enabled and older protocols are disabled via registry.

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