[off topic] Biking, Christmas, Motivation…

My friend Jaro (our Xbox Bike Team Director ;)) started the new website for our XBOX bike team: http://www.xbox360biketeam.pl. Currently there are only photos there, but we hope to add some content in the future, you are welcome to visit. Meanwhile some photos still back from the summer (oh God, I am missing that weather)….


OpsMgr 2007 – Putting computers in maintenance mode remotely

So you have a simple case where a server operator needs to perform some maintenance and he does not have an OpsMgr console. You can use the tool provided by Clive: http://blogs.technet.com/cliveeastwood/archive/2007/09/18/agentmm-a-command-line-tool-to-place-opsmgr-agents-into-maintenance-mode.aspx. However the tool either runs locally on the OpsMgr server or you need to explicitly provide credentials if you want to target it…


Wake on Lan in SCCM2007 [updated]

Wake on LAN is a new feature of SCCM that was not present in SMS. You can use it to wake offline (standby/hibernate/shutdown) computers to install updates, software packages or task sequences (e.g. OS). To use WOL remember to run through some of these steps: 1. Check if you can at all wake the target…


OpsMgr 2007 Authoring Resources [updated]

Here is a couple of resources useful for MP authoring in OpsMgr2007. Its a completely different world when compared to MOM, and ppl do keep asking about this, so here it goes: 1. Authoring Console (now in RC version) has the Authoring Guide with it (you can get it from http://download.microsoft.com/download/7/4/d/74deff5e-449f-4a6b-91dd-ffbc117869a2/om2007_authconsole.exe). The system MPs (needed…


Configuration Manager 2007 DCM Configuration Packs list

DCM (Desired Configuration Manager) lets you compare you IT infrastructure configuration with standards (Compliance or Microsoft IT currently available). The compliance packs come from Brabeion (MS partnership). To read more about DCM go here: http://www.microsoft.com/systemcenter/configmgr/evaluation/configmgmt.mspx Additionally there is now ConfigMgr2007toolikit available (this was a must-have tool in the times of SMS 2003): http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=948e477e-fd3b-4a09-9015-141683c7ad5f&displaylang=en&tm Here is…


SCCM 64 bit considerations [updated]

System Center Configuration Manager 2007 does not ship with any server roles based on x64. So what is the consideration on running that software on x64 architecture? Sccm2007 runs basically the same (performance wise) on 32 bit OS or 64 bit OS, and even you could see slight worse performance because of so-called “thunking” when…


OpsMgr 2007 SP1 RC Console crashes on x64 [updated]

When you try to open the Distributed Application Designer from a console installed on an x64 server you may see the console crashes with .NET error in the Application Log (something of type badimageformat). This seems to be a bug in SP1 RC. To work around it use a console from an x86-32 (32 bit)…


Team Foundation Server goodies [updated]

Here’s a couple of interesting links around TFS that are really worth sharing: Sizing Guide for TFS 2008: http://blogs.msdn.com/bharry/archive/2007/10/18/tfs-2008-system-recommendations.aspx and 2005: http://blogs.msdn.com/bharry/archive/2006/01/04/509314.aspx A very useful summary of available free and non-free add-ons and tools for TFS: http://accentient.com/widgets.aspx And a feature list of TFS2008 (coming out soon now): http://blogs.msdn.com/bharry/archive/2007/08/08/final-tfs-2008-feature-list.aspx VS2008 will work with both TFS 2005…


Microsoft Deployment (formerly known as BDD) goes RTM [updated]

Business Desktop Deployment Solution accelerator is now called officially MD (Microsoft Deployment). RC1 RTM was just released. http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=3bd8561f-77ac-4400-a0c1-fe871c461a89&displaylang=en&tm Read more on: http://blogs.technet.com/msdeployment/archive/2007/10/26/download-microsoft-deployment-rc1-from-microsoft-connect-today.aspx.


System Center Certifications

I watched (well with one eye to tell you the truth, working with the other;)) the webcast on new SC certifications. Thought I would share the interesting part (availability exams and dates): WS2008 update will also be shown in a LM: December 5 live meeting. The ConfigMgr Certification will be available in March 08, and…