Ops Manager 2007 RC2 first impressions

I am preparing a pilot deployment of OM 2007 RC2. There are a couple of first impressions I wanted to share with you: 1. This release has better performance then previous ones (RC1 and especially BETA2) – this is mainly perfromance of the backend components. There is still to improve in the UI performance, but I…


Extending SMS Hardware Inventory

Doing a demo, I came upon a task to extend the built-in hardware inventory of SMS 2003. I was using SMS 2003 SP2. The two tasks were: collect information about extended physical hardware – e.g. banks of physical memory collect information about asset numbers of custom applications installed on computers The first one was easier….


SQL MP 09.0.2047.0000 Reports fail

You may have noticed that when you import the latest SQL MP (09.0.2047.0000) Reports .XML file from MS downloads page to your MOM reporting server, the reports when executed might fail with: “The report server cannot process the report. The data source connection information has been deleted.” This could be some problem with this MP, I’m…


Support for MOM 2005 databases on different OS and SQL architectures

Looks like I’m back to Operations Manager (at least for some time;)) Here is a post that will hopefully answer your questions regarding different combinations of OS/SQL architectures and their supportability for MOM 2005 SP1 databases. There is always some confusion around what architectures of OS and SQL are supported for the MOM 2005 SP1…


Using Visual Studio Team System for Testers for automating web application tests

I was recently using VSTS for testers edition which has some nice feature for testing web applications: composing individual tests by recording IE sessions, composing load tests, and structuring your test case scenarios in an automated manner. This allows to make a “daily build run” on an automated manner each day that composes of standard…


“Fuzzy logic” search in SQL Server

I was looking hard for a good, robust, yet possibly simple and fast to implement method of “fuzzy” logic search for an application based on SQL Server 2005. “Fuzzy” meaning that a search would return not only exact (or wildcard) matches but also phonetically similar words. This is especially useful for any database applications with…


Technet Magazine – September issue, MRAS re-release info

I am sorry to disappoint my readers (if any, after such a long period of inactivity;)) with my low input to the blog lately. Check out the September issue of technetmag: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/technetmag/issues/2006/09/default.aspx. It has some good articles regarding MOM from my colleagues Matt, Eric, Brian and John. I also have published a short article in…


.NET 2.0 and AZman on Itanium platform

If you ever had doubts about running your .NET 2.0 application on ITANIUM 64-bit platforms you can rest assured. I was almost surprised that having an ASP.NET 2.0 website with quite a lot of compiled .NET 2.0 DLLs I am able to take the build straight from x86 development environment and deploy it w/o any…


MOM 2005 SP1 OnePoint DB on SQL 2005 x64

You can now install the MOM DB on a SQL 2005 x64 server with the momcreateDBx64.exe tool: http://support.microsoft.com/?id=921278. I have updated my article accordingly: http://blogs.technet.com/alipka/archive/2006/06/22/438167.aspx. I want to apologize to all my readers – I wasn’t able to post much lately, because I am very overloaded with work at the moment. This is apt to…


MOM 2005 and McAfee 8.0i VirusScan

MOM 2005 agent runs it’s scripts in an out-of-service (MOMService.exe) process called MOMHost.exe. When you are running McAfee 8.0i AV agent, there appears to be a problem. The ScriptProxy.dll component of the McAfee agent causes a slow memory hog in the MOMHost.exe process responsible for running MOM Scripts. By default MOM does not allow more…