Ops Manager 2007 RC2 first impressions

I am preparing a pilot deployment of OM 2007 RC2. There are a couple of first impressions I wanted to share with you: 1. This release has better performance then previous ones (RC1 and especially BETA2) – this is mainly perfromance of the backend components. There is still to improve in the UI performance, but I…


Extending SMS Hardware Inventory

Doing a demo, I came upon a task to extend the built-in hardware inventory of SMS 2003. I was using SMS 2003 SP2. The two tasks were: collect information about extended physical hardware – e.g. banks of physical memory collect information about asset numbers of custom applications installed on computers The first one was easier….


SQL MP 09.0.2047.0000 Reports fail

You may have noticed that when you import the latest SQL MP (09.0.2047.0000) Reports .XML file from MS downloads page to your MOM reporting server, the reports when executed might fail with: “The report server cannot process the report. The data source connection information has been deleted.” This could be some problem with this MP, I’m…