MOM 2005 SP1 and x64 support [updated!]

People have been often asking about supportability of different MOM components on x64 architecture. There is a lot of info on the web, but it’s a bit unsorted:,

Here is my attempt at sorting it out:

  • Agent: Only x86 and Itanium versions are available; you can monitor x64 computers with x86 agents which will run in WOW mode – the only (known to me) drawback, apart from agent performance, is that you might not be able to access some performance counters for applications that expose only x64 counters (for many you can enable this, e.g. SQL)

  • Management Server: Only x86, meaning that on x64 servers you should install .net framework 1.1 x86 (required) and then install MOM management server software which will run in WOW mode

  • OnePoint Database: Currently supported only on x86 and Itanium (with momcreatedb.exe tool from IA64 folder on MOM CD), meaning that on x64 servers you need to install x86 SQL and MOM DB will run in WOW mode. There is now a new update to install MOMDB on x64 SQL:

  • SystemCenterReporting Database: Currently supported only on x86 – same procedure for x64 servers as for OnePoint DB

  • Reporting front-end (SQL RS): : Currently supported only on x86 – same procedure for x64 servers as for OnePoint DB

Good news is that Ops Manager 2007 (though not in version Beta) when it RTM’s will fully support all components on x64 – databases, reporting, management servers and agents.

Comments (6)

  1. Sren Larsen says:

    One thing i still don’t quite get is why the databases won’t work on a x64 SQL server.

    What’s the big difference on the 32bit and 64bit SQL since the database can’t be hosted on a 64bit SQL?

    At the moment our reporting server is running x64 with 32bit SQL2005, performance is way better than our old 32bit setup with SQL2000 tho, so im still quite happy.

    But x64 the whole way through would have made me a bit happier 😀

  2. Pete Zerger says:

    I tried this a few months ago in the lab with a customer. Our biggest issues revolved around the prerequisite checks, which check registry values. 32-bit apps go into a special directory (with x86 added to the pathname), causing the checks to fail. We just added keys temporarily to work around. At the end of the road, we then discovered Notification Workflow would not install on the 64-bit OS, and threw in the towel.

    The ‘thunking’ process used when running in WOW mode, which results in app opening quite slowly, was also a bit disconcerting.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You can now install the MOM DB on a SQL 2005 x64 server with the momcreateDBx64.exe tool:….

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