HMC 4.5 is available now!!! deploy deploy deploy

This weekend the most expected version of HMC was released for service providers to deploy it. With this version, service providers can offer OCS (IM, Collaboration, PC-toPC VoIP) services as part of their online services. At the same time support to Windows 2008 and WSS 3.0 SP1 is included in this solution. You can have access…


Windows 2008 – online sessions (Videos)

I’m excited with the new changes and functionalities that Windows 2008 will provide to the enterprise and hosters. To mention some of these features, Windows 2008 provides a minimal version of the OS (Server Core – the most efficient Windows version ever), expansion in the capabilities of powershell and how the server can be administered (you’ll…


Enterprise Search in Microsoft? What’s that?

If you haven’t heard about MS Enterprise Search solutions, let me summarize the relevant points and what are the options available in Microsoft to address this space.   The people in the organizations are hard at work making things happen. When they need publicly available information to get the job done, they know how to…


Activesync Policies in E2k7 SP1

After Exchange 2007 SP1 got released, additional mobility features were included along with extra policies settings to restrict their usage. Following you’ll find a comprehensive matrix of these policies comparing the different versions of messaging platform available: Settings Ex2003 SP2 Ex2007 RTM Ex2007 SP1STD CAL Ex2007 SP1ENT CAL EAS Protocol Version 2.5 12 12.1 12.1…


Improving the productivity of information workers (Groove Networks acquisition)

Microsoft has just announced the acquisition of Groove Networks; with this initiative MS is complementing its collaboration products by improving the services offered to mobile workers and remote offices. As part of this acquisition Ray Ozzie, Groove founder and the creator of IBM’s Lotus Notes, will become Chief Technical Officer of Microsoft. Access this link…


Windows XP 64 bits?? have you heard of this??

Yes… soon we’ll have a 64 bits version for XP… this is not a rumor… for those of you who are wondering why to use a 64 bit version instead of a 32?? Well… here there are a few reasons why to do it: High performance platform for the next generation of applications: 64-bit native…


Security Innovation – Billg

With interest in computer security at a high, Billg delivered the keynote address Feb. 15 during RSA Conference 2005. Speaking to an audience of IT security professionals at San Francisco’s Moscone Convention Center, he provided an overview of a number of important new innovations from Microsoft that will help enhance customer security, including plans to…


Cell – Realidad o Mito

No quería dejar pasar la oportunidad de comentarles del chip en el que están trabajando IBM, Sony y Toshiba – CELL (así nombrado por la tecnología que emplea). Dichos esfuerzos se han venido conjuntando desde hace más de 3 años, pero en estos días se han dado noticias de que es cada vez más una realidad….