Exchange 2013 for service providers just got released (multi-tenant)

In efforts to continue enabling our service providers with the right tools and guidance to set up cloud services with MS software, the multi-tenant guidance for Exchange 2013 has just been released. The following article from Greg Taylor (MS PM Lead) highlights some of the considerations of this guide and similarities to the previous version of Exchange. Here you'll find his note or you can download the guide directly.

Not sure if you remember our previous solution HMC (Hosted Messaging and Collaboration), this guidance included a piece of software as well: MPS, to facilitate the provisioning of APIs and provide a foundation for Control Panel vendors to develop self-service web interfaces for end customers. We have come a long way, evolving our approach and embedding such APIs into our products, facilitating the implementation and integration with control panel solutions.

For service providers, this represents less complexity to materialize an offer and a shorter Time-to-market for multi-tenant services. In the context of private cloud deployments, this is even more evident as our products provide web-based interfaces that the end customer/user can leverage to "self-administer" it's own resources/account (creation/deletion of accounts, DLs, policy management, etc.), leaving the maintenance and operations of the infra to the service provider.

Looking forward to partnering with you and see many more innovative cloud-based solutions in the market.

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