Windows 2008 – online sessions (Videos)

I’m excited with the new changes and functionalities that Windows 2008 will provide to the enterprise and hosters. To mention some of these features, Windows 2008 provides a minimal version of the OS (Server Core – the most efficient Windows version ever), expansion in the capabilities of powershell and how the server can be administered (you’ll be able to obtain a script for almost any correspondant UI control or task), additional HA features are incorporated/enhanced into Windows Server (failover clusters, Network Load Balancing, dynamic hardware partitioning, robust storage options, and advanced machine-check architecture), enhanced OS-virtualization mechanism to consolidate and optimize the resources in the DataCenters (Hyper-V), let’s don’t forget IIS 7.0 and its additional features (PHP integration, security enhancements, larger no. of web-sites supported per server).

If you want to know more about these features, check out the following set of online videos which presents the capabilities of Windows 2008:

Windows Server 2008 Deployment OverviewMichael Niehaus, Tim Mintner
The 10 Most Important Things About Failover Clustering  – Jim Teague
Power Management: Windows Server Stephen Berard
Dynamic Partition: Windows ServerDavis Walker
Windows Server LonghornIain McDonald
Windows Server virtualisation – solution scenarios David Hitchen
Windows Server 2008 Kernel AdvancesMark Russinovich
Active Directory Domain Services in Microsoft Windows Server 2008Stephanie Cheung
Virtualization in Windows ServerMike Neil
Managing Windows Server 2008 with Server ManagerDan Harman
Using Group Policy with Windows and Windows Server 2008Mazhar Mohammed, Derek Melber Employing Windows Server 2008 and Internet Information Services 7Paul Wright, Brad LeRoss
Living the Longhorn Life: What’s Up With Windows Server 2008Mark Minasi

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