Are you an MPS developer or have an MPS-portal? there are some news you should be aware of…

For those of you (ISVs, Hosters) who develop applications for MPS (multi-tenant applications, provisioning), it's important for you to know that there is an MPS SDK update available for you to review and consider in your development. As an example of these changes, the following namespaces were updated (specific procedures):

  • Exchange 2007 Provider

  • Hosted Email 2007 Namespace

  • Hosted SharePoint 2007 Namespace

  • Managed Email 2007 Namespace

  • Managed SharePoint 2007 Namespace

  • SharePoint 2007 Provider

You can download the SDK with the details of the changes from the following reference:

If you already have a MPS-based portal (custom or 3rd party), ensure that your solution has a roadmap to integrate these updates. Most of the times, these updates have no impact in current deployments, however as for any other change in your environment: TEST IT FIRST!!! This will help you to minimize headaches later.

Feel free to contact if you need have any question.

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