Architecture Principles

After browsing in the web for a few hours looking for architectural principles. I found the following articles which i highly recommend you to read (they are not that long... 3-5 mins reading each article, unless you get hooked with reading and decided to read the rest of them 🙂 )

The focus of this reading is to understand how to enable an organization/business to react faster in this constantly changing business environment. Topics like SOA, Web 2.0, Service Delivery Platforms are discussed in a practical way and not only from academic point of view (i.e. a discussion on hosting based on what the problems are, and current challenges is discussed)

The web is not what is used to be a "couple" of years back. Technologies like Silverlight, Ajax are driving a different momentum, and "big" organizations have to be prepared to react more strategically and in a faster way, to avoid being left behind by competitors. This can be achieved if the infrastructure was thought to behave like that, I can give you an example, imagine having a service to send SMSs, another service to identify you current position and another service which takes care of managing your user profile -preferences, etc.- (currently all these services are in the environment), now let's think in a new service which sends you SMSs/Notifications with promotions on services/articles of your preference when you are close to certain area or shop... commonly the challenge is how to integrate all these pieces together and this could take long if the interfaces of your services/applications are not standardised, the concept of Composite Applications/Services address these difficulties. Make sense?

The articles above can help to identify those principles and get an understanding on how this works and can be implemented. Enjoy the reading

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