Here I go Again!!!

Hi guys,

After a couple of years of absence in this blog (yes ... 2 years already)... not necessary off-blogging but not posting on this one... it's time for me to restart this interesting journey of sharing experiences with the rest of the community.

I want to start by sharing -in a few lines- what has happened to me in these years. First, I'm no longer part of MCS and for those of you who knew it, I'm not longer living in India. My career took me to a different team and geography: Communications and Media Sector, Singapore. In my new role I'm responsible of defining and validating solution architectures before they are shared with customers for South East Asia within CS. The role is technical, with the difference that my level of engagement with customers is at a different level, not from a delivery perspective but from a Technical Advisor angle; and before I forget to mention, as part of the responsibilities of this role is to provide support driving sales, by facing customers and backing up the sales team across SEA.

Though my expertise is mostly on HMC (due to my background in Exchange and previous deployments) from time to time I'll also post experience with other customers on CCF, CSF, ASA, BI (aka MEC), IMM, Portals which are part of the solutions offered by CS team. I'm exciting on my new role, and i hope to have more time to write on this space and share my experiences with these technologies.

Here I go Again!!! 🙂

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