Do you want to try MIIS online?

It's now available an online lab that you can use to try MIIS 2003 (Microsoft Identity Integration Server). You can access this lab in the following reference:

In that site you will have access to a virtual environment & material to complete a couple of excercises and review some of the functionalities of MIIS 2003. For those of you who are wondering what is MIIS, here is a brief description (

"MIIS is a centralized service that stores and integrates identity information for organizations with multiple directories. The goal of MIIS 2003 is to provide organizations with a unified view of all known identity information about users, applications, and network resources."

This is a very powerful server but IMHO is more oriented to Dev guys than Infra consultants. For example there are some Management Agents or connectors for the some of the main repositories already built that facilitates the sinchronization between MS repositories and other sources, but in case you require to customize the way you map the attributes you will require to extend those rules using Visual Studio .NET (VB.NET or C#), or if you want to make use of the workflow engine, coding is required in most of the cases, for password synchronization is the same escenario. If you are going to deploy this server in your environment, make sure that you have a dev consultant around and a deep analysis of the identities that you are going to synchronize has ocurred.

I also suggest you to access the following sites as an additional support references:

MIIS 2003 Training and events (webcasts & training)

Managing identity with Microsoft Identity Integration Server (MIIS overview)

Alternate Site

Reference to almost all MIIS 2003 documentation (updated continuosly)

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