Mailboxes for users from different domains do not appear when performing manual or scheduled scan within Forefront Protection for Exchange

Sometimes on a Mailbox server we see that customers have users present that are not members of the same domain as the Mailbox server.   When this happens, these users will not appear to Forefront and it will not be possible to scan their mailboxes using either the Manual or Scheduled scans, (Real-time scanning will…


FSSPUsernameFilter.dll failed to load

A common issue that we see affecting customers running Forefront for SharePoint, is the error “FSSPUsernameFilter.dll failed to load” or similar, being logged repeatedly to the Application Event log. This can also prevent a Website/Application Pool to fail to load.   This error is normally caused because one of the Web Sites/Application pools, is trying…


Tracing a message in the FOPE Admin Centre

There appears to often be confusion with exactly how to perform a trace for a message using the FOPE admin centre. This is actually quite easy to do. First you need to log into the Admin centre and navigate to the Message Trace page (Tools –>Message Trace). Here you must enter a sender and a…


Office files detected as Corrupted Compressed by Forefront/Antigen

Often we receive cases where a customer is emailing or uploading/downloading office files and they are being detected as “Corrupted Compressed”, and commonly then deleted. This can occur for a large variety of reasons, too many to discuss in full within the confines of a single blog article, so I would like to just cover…


How to format a Programlog in Forefront Protection

We are often asked how a customer can read the new Programlog format, ETL, that has been implemented within the Forefront Protection suite, in order to be able to perform some troubleshooting without involving MS Support. The good news is that a command line tool needed to do this is included within Forefront Protection installation….


Unable to perform manual or scheduled scan on mailboxes for users from a different domain

I received an “interesting” issue last week that I thought would be good food for blogging. The situation that a customer was facing was that they had mailboxes for users from multiple domains hosted on their mailbox server. Forefront, by default, can only see the mailboxes for users from the domain where the machine account…


The SharePoint Service is running but the Forefront VSAPI Library is not registered

I have received several queries from customers regarding issues where Forefront is reporting the following error message:- “The SharePoint Service is running but the Forefront VSAPI Library is not registered” Normally you would like to know why this is occurring and how to address this error. Before I begin to provide possible causes for the error…