Costing Error Detection report as AL extension

I have converted 'Report 60010 Costing Error Detection New [Version List=NAVDIAG17.10.06]' to 'D365 BC extension (Cloud)'. I used fresh Business Central (Fall 2018) cloud tenant.
The Costing Error Detection report is old tool that can be download from partnersourse site. This report can help you find common costing data problems.

As first step I imported this report to Dynamics 365 Business Central on premises and after that converted this object to AL object with use The Txt2Al Conversion Tool.

I used new ID (50130) for this experimental object.
Remember.. for AL extension you have free range 50.000-99.999, Object Ranges in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

You could download .app file from Github project:

Some screenshots about install:
// Deploying a Tenant Customization

And .. if you see an empty report then all Okay…
For emulate error I’ve launched my extension on Development Azure VM (Container Sandbox) and added some problems via Object Designer.
// More about Sandbox Environment

As result… report see it... my direct data manipulation:


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