Business Central, ‘My Company’ error

Sometimes you could see the error during logon to Business Central:
Sorry, that didn't work
Could not open the 'My Company' company. Access is denied to company 'My Company'.

In such situation looks like that a user that try to log to Business Central does not have permission for company = 'My Company'.
It may be a few reasons for it: Administrator assign to the user the specific company (ex: CRONUS) only; When the 30-days trial license has expired, then you may not be able to get into My Company any longer. You will still be able to get into the Cronus company….
For fast check Try to log to CRONUS company directly.
Link a-la:

Some screenshots--

My test tenant has 2 Users:

‘Accountant’ user has permission for CRONUS DE company only:

‘Admin’ user has permission for ‘empty’ (All) company:

My test tenant has 2 Companies (CRONUS DE and My Company):

Now try to login with use ‘Accountant’ user:

As result error for ‘My Company’ company:

And no any error for ‘CRONUS DE’ company:


If you can direct login (used ‘problem’ user, ‘Accountant’ user in my example) to CRONUS DE company [use parameter in a URL link] then go to Up right corner, search button (near question mark). In search just type Users.. As result you should find User page…Check User permissions according company = ‘My Company’.

If you see specific company (CRONUS DE) then just find which user is ‘Admin’ (this user has access to empty ('all') company, and in common case SUPER line in Permission Sets) then logon to CRONUS (under ‘Admin’) and set empty ('all') company assigned for the 'problem' user (this user initially has access for Cronus company only).


  • Default set: SUPER is assigned to first user
  • When you play with a few users… use browser In private mode, in such case you do not have 'cash reading' problem

Some pictures below:



One more idea from my colleague:
If all looks good, most likely the license is suspended or has been altered. Some of our beloved customers remove the license from the global admin but that account is still listed as OK in BC. You can (again) go to CRONUS and press get Office 365 users (can’t remember how it is called, but is the first icon on the Ribbon), it will pick up latest license. Or, remove the license from the user and add it again. You do need a global admin for this.

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