NAV 2013 R2 (RU) — короткий пример установки multi-tenancy среды

*multi-tenancy -

Multi-tenancy is a feature to allow multiple independent companies to run on the same Dynamics NAV Server without technical issues and, more important, without the possibility (accidently) seeing or having access to data from another company, even not data which is accessible for all classic Dynamics NAV Companies (like Permissions, Record Links, Profiles…). This feature can be used in datacenter hosting environments or the Cloud for example.

Multi-Tenancy allows to separate the business logic/application from the actual user data. You can provide multiple user/company databases (named Tenants) with just one single application. Changing the application applies to all existing user databases/tenants.

 // используйте SQL Server computer name вместо "RU-ALEXEF05"

0-Ставим систему с диска NAV 2013 R2 (RU)

1-Запускаем Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 Administration Shell (as  Administrator)


Далее запускаем команды через оболочку
2- Set-NAVServerInstance DynamicsNAV71 –Stop

3- Export-NAVApplication -DestinationDatabaseName "Demo Database NAV (7-1) App" -DatabaseName "Demo Database NAV (7-1)" -DatabaseServer "RU-ALEXEF05"
4- Remove-NAVApplication -DatabaseName "Demo Database NAV (7-1)" -DatabaseServer "RU-ALEXEF05"
5- Set-NAVServerConfiguration -ServerInstance DynamicsNAV71 -KeyName DatabaseName -KeyValue ""
6- Set-NAVServerInstance DynamicsNAV71 –Start
7- Mount-NAVApplication -DatabaseServer "RU-ALEXEF05" -DatabaseName "Demo Database NAV (7-1) App" -ServerInstance DynamicsNAV71
8- Mount-NAVTenant -Id Default -DatabaseServer "RU-ALEXEF05" -ServerInstance DynamicsNAV71 -DatabaseName "Demo Database NAV (7-1)" –OverwriteTenantIdInDatabase

9-Смотрим базы


10-Запускаем finsql.exe, в Development Environment видим только App (не tenant) базу

11-Запускаем Windows Client, ставим в Server Address: localhost:7046/DynamicsNAV71/default



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