Расширенные демоданные для NAV 2009 R2 (W1), 11000+ Sales Orders / 800+ Purchase Orders

На Partnersource появились новые, более тяжелые, демоданные.

Скачать можно с Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 Download page:
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Extended Demo Database Backups
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 Extended Demo Database Backups Download Links

In order to help partners demonstrating Microsoft Dynamics NAV we have extended the existing demo data. Today the demo data in Microsoft Dynamics NAV is limited to only 26 days of real demo data. This extended demo data will add 5 years of additional data.

The extended demo data includes data for the following areas:

Finance: Utility bills, rent expenses, bank entries, customer payments, vendor payments, end of year postings and many more required to simulate a real company. A simple financial budget has also been included to ensure a good way to compare actual to budget.
Sales: Sales orders, items, G/L accounts. Additional customers and ship-to addresses have been added to give a more realistic number of customers. Address information works with geo-features in Business Intelligence solutions.
Purchase: Orders, items and G/L accounts
Inventory: Adjust cost, journal adjustments and physical Inventory, 7xxxx and 19xx-x items are being used.
The extended demo data are NOT extended with:

Item tracking, Kitting, WMS, Manufacturing, Service Management, Job, Fixed Assets, Check, Bank Reconciliation and other advanced features not mentioned above.
Some facts about the extended demo data:

76 new Customers and 32 Ship-to Addresses have been added.
11,000+ Sales Orders and 800+ Purchase Orders have been processed.
88,000 G/L Entries have been added.
32,000 Item Ledger Entries have been added.
2.4 million records have been added, the original demo company had 61210 records.
The ZIP files include both a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Backup file and a Microsoft SQL Server BAK File.

The backup files are without Data Common to All Companies and Application Objects. Restore the files into an existing database with Cronus International and makes sure there is 1 GB (1,000,000 kb) free space before the restore.

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