Где взять рекомендации по ‘железу’ для Navision в разрезе производительности?

http://www.mibuso.com/dlinfo.asp?FileID=950 (NAV W1 5.0 SP1)

В папке архива \dynamicsnavw150sp1client\Doc есть полезные .pdf документы.

В частности w1w1ism.pdf
(Installation & System Management: C/SIDE Database Server for Microsoft DynamicsTM NAV)

Там есть краткая информация (страницы 148 - 154) по 'железу'.



6.1 Checklist for Optimizing Hardware

There are many factors that must be considered if you want to get the best
performance out of your enterprise business solution. It is not possible to define a
single optimal solution, because there are many individual requirements that have to
be considered. The information in this chapter will help you assess your requirements,
and select the appropriate hardware and software. Once you have established the
network, you can optimize the system by tuning the various parameters described in
the following sections.
The following table can be used as a checklist when you optimize your installation:

Item                       Recommendation
Hard                       Disk As fast as possible
Controller                Fast, secure and battery backed, able to control several hard disks simultaneously
RAID                      RAID 1 is preferable
Memory                  As much as possible, of ECC type or with parity
Network Adapter     As fast as possible
CPU                        As fast as possible
Network Protocol     TCPS


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