Navision/SQL к вопросу о борьбе с блокировками

Хочу прорекламировать недавно появившийся на ‘’  затравочный материал по вопросу борьбы с блокировками в среде NAV/SQL от известного эксперта.

NAV/SQL Troubleshooting - Blocks & Deadlocks (Directions EMEA 2008)

This is the "Presentation Package" from the session presented at "Directions EMEA 2008", including the slides and various TSQL scripts to implement the introduced solutions.

This session is an excerpt from Stryk's training-course "Advanced NAV/SQL Performance Optimization" and will explain in detail the different locking mechanisms in C/SIDE Server and SQL Server; advanced methods for automatic block-/deadlock-detection and -analysis; and how to avoid and fix blocking-problems.

With this session practical advices, examples and templates are provided, to be instantly used in any NAV (or other Dynamics product) installation to improve the systems' performance.

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