Costing Error Detection report as AL extension

I have converted ‘Report 60010 Costing Error Detection New [Version List=NAVDIAG17.10.06]’ to ‘D365 BC extension (Cloud)’. I used fresh Business Central (Fall 2018) cloud tenant. The Costing Error Detection report is old tool that can be download from partnersourse site. This report can help you find common costing data problems. As first step I imported…


Dynamics 365 Business Central, RU (on-prem) Установил… По умолчанию web client стартует с http://localhost:8080/dynamicsnav130/ Русский интерфейс cмотрится как-то странно… отвык что ли… P.S. Не обманитесь… по умолчанию Win Client и DEV(C/SIDE) Client не ставиться… Надо добавлять.


App/Extension to track ‘Adjust Cost — Item Entries’ batch job (Elapsed Time, used filters)

In this blog post I am showing a small extension for Dynamics 365 Business Central. App/Extension add possibility to track ‘Adjust Cost — Item Entries’ batch job (Elapsed Time, used filters). + the feature that add some sales orders/purchase orders (work for sandbox only, for test purpose). GitHub: As first step I need to…


Business Central, ‘My Company’ error

Sometimes you could see the error during logon to Business Central: — Sorry, that didn’t work Could not open the ‘My Company’ company. Access is denied to company ‘My Company’. — In such situation looks like that a user that try to log to Business Central does not have permission for company = ‘My Company’….


How to add a field to Item Card in Business Central

For a Normal tenant a user has possibility for Personalise only (Hide and Move existed controls).   If we speak about an additional field/control… As a first step, you must create a sandbox tenant from a normal tenant.   Sandbox tenant   For creation .app file needs to install Visual Studio Code with AL extension…


Business Central extension that use Web API (RESTful HTTP service)

In this blog post I show the Business Central extension that use Web API (RESTful HTTP service) from the previous post. The final extension looks like: GitHub: The key code parts you could see on the pictures: Links:  


Visual Studio (C#): ASP.NET Core Web API app

В последнее время наш старый добрый Navision все больше дрейфует в сторону классических продуктов Microsoft (Office, Visual Studio). В данном посте я делаю попытку написать на Visual Studio (C#): ASP.NET Core Web API приложение. Сразу скажу, что скорость и простота написания и публикации подобного приложения меня просто поразили. В последствии (следующий пост) я планирую использовать…