How to Create a Social Engineering Incident Response Plan?

Hello, What’s cross your mind when talking about Security? Most of IT professionals and users when thinking about Security are primarily concerned about technical aspects, for instance: strong passwords’ policies, Three Authentication Factors, Firewalls, Anti-Phishing, AntiMalwares, and so on. Of course, those are really important and can make a difference in terms of relative protection. Why I’m saying:…


Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit releases latest Citadel botnet cleanup data

Hello,   I wanted to reach out to let you know that the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit (DCU) released the latest information about the progress in cleanup of the notorious financial cybercrime ring known as Citadel, a family of more than 1,400 botnets disrupted by Microsoft in cooperation with the FBI and financial and technology industry…


Microsoft to Offer Standing Bug Bounty

Hello,   What about get a 100K dollars?   See how:   Details from Microsoft Security:   Regards, Alexandre


Microsoft Takes Botnet Threat Intelligence Program to the Cloud

Hello,   I wanted to reach out to you to let you know that Microsoft announced today a new cloud-based version of its Cyber Threat Intelligence Program (C-TIP), providing near real-time information about known malware infections to participating ISPs and CERTs Worldwide, so they can help victims regain control of their computers.  Last Friday in…


Security Response Readiness Assessment – It’s FREE!

Hello, The free Security Response Readiness Assessment is designed to help you identify, monitor, respond to, and resolve security incidents and vulnerabilities in your IT environment. It consists of a few short questions about your organization’s current software security response processes and identifies steps that can be taken to improve those processes.       The Security Response…


Microsoft Finds PCs That Ship Pre-Infected

Hello,   “One more thing to worry about: Your brand-spanking-new computer could be infected with a virus that will raid your online bank account. On Thursday, Microsoft said it had discovered several new computers, fresh from Chinese factory floors, that carried a particularly pernicious computer virus — one capable of invading bank accounts, starting computer…


Operation b70: Microsoft Reaches Settlement with Defendants in Nitol Botnet Case – Q & A

Operation b70: Microsoft Reaches Settlement with Defendants in Nitol Botnet Case   Key Messages   Microsoft reached a settlement with the defendants in the Nitol botnet case and will be dismissing the lawsuit pursuant to the agreement. Valuable evidence and intelligence gained in the operation will be used to help rescue people’s computers from the…


Microsoft Disrupts the Nitol Botnet to Protect Millions from an Emerging Threat

Hello, Because we share an interest in cybersecurity and public safety threats, I wanted to reach out to let you know that the Microsoft Digital Crimes has significantly helped stop the spread of the developing Nitol botnet and, as a result of this proactive action, disrupted an additional 500 different strains of malware.  These threats…