How to build a Security Awareness program? Microsoft Security Awareness Toolkit – FREE!!!


Security isn't a destiny itself but it's a journey.

How is your company preparing end users to make a safer journey through this high threat cyber road?

Information security awareness and training is critical to any organization’s information security strategy and operations.

People are in many cases the last line of defense against threats such as malicious code, disgruntled employees, and malicious third parties.

Microsoft offers the security awareness toolkit to help organizations plan, develop, and deliver a successful security awareness program.

The kit includes a planning guide, templates, pointers to material can that can help speed the development of a security awareness program, a sample general security awareness presentation that can be modified and tailored to any organization, material to help articulate the value to peers and managers, and three example awareness campaigns from Microsoft Information Security.

It's FREE: Microsoft Security Awareness Toolkit -

By the way, if you're responsible for Security's Awareness in your organization but just thinking in do something and ever really doing then I dedicate these verses for you in case of a Security's outbreak and all what you'll ask for after several days awake, it will be: "Don't wake me up!"

"Don't wake me up, don't wake me
So much life in the city, you won't believe,
Been awake for some days now, no time to sleep...
Don't wake me up, don't wake me..."

- Song by Chris Brown

Best regards,

Alexandre Marins

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