Cyberwars have already begun – Who will win? I mean, who is already winning.


Three years ago I attended a Cyber Security Congress with presenters from several countries and organizations: CIA, FBI, Scotland Yard, Spain's Cybercrime specialists, Brazil's Federal Police, and other specialists from different private's organizations. At that time, I was there only as attendee. In the other hand, on my badge was written: "Microsoft" so you can imagine I got some questions about Security.

During that Congress I realize we had a consensus between all speakers: "We are losing most of the battles against cybercriminals."

I didn't want believe on that but right now after STUXNET's advent and some others related I'd starting sadly agree with that.

Of course, I'm not saying we won't lose the war but it will take a long, long time to turn the game.

Do you remember who is Richard Clarke? Before U.S. September, 2001 attacks, he was the guy saying: "Hey, something really terrible will happen at American's soil." He was 100% right.

Now, Richard has a strong and based upon opinion about Cyberwars and who is winning. You can read the entire article: Whos was Behind STUXNET attack?

Quoting an old and known song: "I Think It's Going To Be A Long, Long Time" (Do you know which song it is?)

What's your opinion about Cyberwars?

See you soon,


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