Attack Surface – a free Analyzer tool.


Security isn't a destiny itself, it's a journey.

How safe this journey will be? Depends on a lot of factors. Below just a few:

- Who's in the command of the journey?
- What's places will be visited during the journey?
- What's the size of the budget?
- How many risks you have assessed adequately?
- Do you know what to do for the 'bumps in the road'?
- Do you have a basic 'toolbox' for maintenance and repair?
- Many, many others...

Talking about a basic 'toolbox': How many tools do you have in your Security's toolbox? Of course, that depends. It's never too late to start or update your Security's toolbox. So I would like to recommend this one:
Attack Surface Analyzer (Beta) from Microsoft (it's FREE).

You can download from Microsoft's downloads here

I would like to know your opinion after using it.



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